Veeam Replication – Configuration

Part 1 here: Veeam Replication – Installation  Now that we have Veeam installed in a virtual machine, it’s time to configure it to talk to our vSphere environment to enable replication.  To do this, we will be adding both our primary site, and secondary site’s vCenter appliances into the console. First, lets navigate to the […]

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Veeam Replication – Installation

To continue on the Replication Roundup series, and not too far behind the Veeam ON conference, it only make sense to highlight Veeam Availability Suite’s replication.  As a reminder, This series is not to compare / contrast features of each, but to simply highlight the process from start to finish to get a VM replicated. […]

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Veeam Endpoint Backup – VeeamON

One of the sessions I attended at VeeamON was the Veeam Endpoint Backup Free – tips and tricks.  I wanted to share some of the thoughts from this session. To start, what is VEB free?  Well, it’s a great backup utility for use on physical machines, including simple servers, desktops, and laptops. Milestones V1 Announced […]

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VeeamON – v9 Announcements

This week, I’m out at in Las Vegas for the 20125 VeeamON conference.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this is my first time, but let me tell you, Veeam has done a great job.  More posts for VeeamON this week, but this one is going to focus on new features that were announced […]

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Replication Roundup – Kickoff

  Since replication is a staple to any DR scenario, I wanted to cover various replication products installation, and failover procedures. This blog series is intended to inform about the features and procedures of each product, and while some comparisons will be made, it is not intended to say one product is better than any […]

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Veeam and DataDomain using DD Boost

  In a previous article, I talked about how to setup Veeam to use a linux proxy, to transfer data via NFS to an EMC DataDomain to increase thoughput. Results may vary, but I would see an increase of 50% or more. Well, now there is no need, assuming you are licensed on your Data […]

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Veeam rescues 1400 computer objects in AD

  *disclaimer* Veeam is a sponsor of this blog – but has not requested, or had any part in this entry. Working for a consulting firm, I work with many different backup solutions.  In this particular case, the client uses Veeam Backup & Recovery. The problem: Late in the afternoon, I was alerted by our […]

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