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VSAN – Overview

This is part 1 in a new series covering VMware VSAN. Stay tuned for more! VMware VSAN (Virtual SAN) is a new storage offering from VMware, not to be confused with the VMware VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance), which serves a different purpose entirely.   VSAN is a scale out storage solution that utilizes the local […]

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XP can’t connect via vSphere 5.5 C# Client

  Windows XP is going away, but yet quite a lot of people still use this for various reasons. Something that might pop up is after upgrading to vSphere 5.5, you install the vSphere client on your XP machine and try to connect, only to get an error: An unknown connection error occurred. (The Client […]

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Veeam Announces Support for vSphere 5.5

  Veeam announced today Veeam 7 R2.  The update now adds support for vSphere 5.5. Find all the information, and downloads from Veeam’s website, or directly from the KB Article. This update also has a list of other new features for VMware and Hyper V.  This is great, and not too far behind the release […]

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Upgrading vCSA (vCenter Appliance) from 5.1 to 5.5

  VMware has made updating the vCSA (vCenter Server Appliance) very easy – and with the popularity of the vCSA growing daily, its a good thing. First thing is first, we want to update our vCSA 5.1 appliance to the latest build of 5.1. Log into the admin webpage of the console https://vCSA_Name_or_IP:5480 Click on […]

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