Secondary Storage is Cohesity’s Primary Goal

Cohesity is a company I had heard of before but really didn’t know anything about.  Thankfully, this week during Tech Field Day 12, I was able to sit and listen for to what they do, and why they do it.  In short, Cohesity wants to be the secondary storage in your data center. Their strategy is to be the landing zone for all the data for secondary storage and to analyze, protect, replicate, and move that data if needed. What is secondary storage? Secondary storage is not something a lot of people think[…]

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Veeam Endpoint Backup – VeeamON

One of the sessions I attended at VeeamON was the Veeam Endpoint Backup Free – tips and tricks.  I wanted to share some of the thoughts from this session. To start, what is VEB free?  Well, it’s a great backup utility for use on physical machines, including simple servers, desktops, and laptops. Milestones V1 Announced at VeeamON 2014 20,000 downloads within the first 48 hours V1.1 Most features added were from community feedback 1 click upgrades added 10,000 downloads within the first 24 hours (new installs) Windows 10 support added[…]

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VeeamON – v9 Announcements

This week, I’m out at in Las Vegas for the 20125 VeeamON conference.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this is my first time, but let me tell you, Veeam has done a great job.  More posts for VeeamON this week, but this one is going to focus on new features that were announced for version 9. EMC VNX / VNXe storage snapshots Backup directly from storage snapshots, making your time on VMware snapshots limited.  Netapp and HP already supported. Cloud Connect Replication Just like Cloud Connect for offsite[…]

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Veeam and DataDomain using DD Boost

  In a previous article, I talked about how to setup Veeam to use a linux proxy, to transfer data via NFS to an EMC DataDomain to increase thoughput. Results may vary, but I would see an increase of 50% or more. Well, now there is no need, assuming you are licensed on your Data Domain for DD Boost. What is DD Boost? From : EMC Data Domain Boost distributes parts of the deduplication process to the backup server or application clients, enabling client-side deduplication for faster, more efficient[…]

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Veeam rescues 1400 computer objects in AD

  *disclaimer* Veeam is a sponsor of this blog – but has not requested, or had any part in this entry. Working for a consulting firm, I work with many different backup solutions.  In this particular case, the client uses Veeam Backup & Recovery. The problem: Late in the afternoon, I was alerted by our client that there was an accidental deletion of an entire OU in Active Directory.  AD is not yet at the 2008 level, so we don’t have the recycle bin.  Unfortunately, replication to the other DCs[…]

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Veeam and Server 2012 DeDuplication

  With a wide range of deduplication appliances out there for a backup target, one option is simply server 2012.  Server 2012 has a deduplication feature now, that is set per volume, and can offer great results when used as a backup repository for Veeam. See Justin’s Post for setting up dedupe on Server 2012. Veeam has excellent per job inline deduplication, which ensures that each backup file is not storing redundant data.  By using that in conjunction with Server 2012 per volume deduplication, we can achieve up around 70%[…]

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Tech Field Day VMworld – Asigra and Simplivity

  **This article got lost in my Drafts folder, but I wanted to make sure to publish as a lot of work went into putting on these events from the Tech Field Day team, and the Vendors** I had the privilege of attending two Tech Field Day Events while at VMworld 2013 this year. I was able to sit in on discussions for Asigra, and Simplivity. Asigra While Asigra is a name I have heard, I admittedly know nothing of their product. In fact, even after the event, I didn’t[…]

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