All Your Protocols Are Belong To Us

In the storage wars, we typically hear about block vs file, iSCSI vs Fibre Channel, SAN vs NAS, and so on.  The truth is, none of that really matters; at least, not as much as some make it out to. What’s really important, as with most IT decisions, is using solutions that allow the business the ability to consume, transform, and utilize its data as effectively and efficiently as possible.  While there are many different ways to allow the business to do so, I Want to focus on the different storage[…]

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Replication Roundup – Kickoff

  Since replication is a staple to any DR scenario, I wanted to cover various replication products installation, and failover procedures. This blog series is intended to inform about the features and procedures of each product, and while some comparisons will be made, it is not intended to say one product is better than any other, or to announce a ‘winner’. Each company’s disaster recover plan varies, and so, one product may be better suited for that company than another.  When choosing a replication platform for your DR plan, it’s[…]

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Data Domain Replication issues

  Recently, I had a pair of Data Domains that were having replication issues.  After the offsite was seeded, and taken to it’s location – we noticed that the pre-comp remaining value would get down to 150 GiB or so, and then would jump back up to it’s original number of about 2,300GiB. What was happening is the replication was starting over, because it lost communication with the other Data Domain. So, what’s the problem?  Well, the first thing to check is your network. Dropped pings? Firewalls? Packet filtering /[…]

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Veeam and DataDomain

I’ve done a fair amount of installs of this combination, Veeam and EMC’s DataDomain deduplication device.  The solution is a wonderful combination – but the number 1 complaint is that it is slow……..slower than it should be. Why is it slow?  Well, the short answer is because of the CIFs implementation on the Data Domain.  From testing, transferring data via CIFS is about 45% slower than transferring files using NFS. Since windows and Veeam don’t natively support NFS, the solution is to deploy a linux proxy server to act as[…]

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EMC VNXe 3100 – An Introduction

Recently, I got my hands on the EMC vnxe 3100.  It’s a great SAN solution for SMBs, and very easy to setup and administer. Having worked mostly with Equalogic and HP SAN solutions, The Unisphere interface on the EMC VNXe’s was refreshing and simple. Physical Setup: Couldn’t be easier.  EMC ships a handy quick start guide, with full color pictures (you aren’t going to read anything anyway). They also include labels to be applied to the cabling on the back – not need to supply your own.  After connecting power,[…]

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