VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.1 Perform Advanced ESXi Host Configuration – Part 3

  To finish off objective 1.1, we have three things to cover: Edit system swap / scratch configuration Configure ESXi to use a central syslog server Manage / edit the core dump configuration of an ESXi host Edit system swap / scratch configuration ESXi has a swap location to use in case RAM usage is too high, and it needs to swap out to disk.  We can configure the location to be used during the swapping.  The scratch partition is used to store vm-support output, which you need when you create[…]

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VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.1 Perform Advanced ESXi Host Configuration – Part 2

In part 1, we covered using Auto Deploy to install ESXi onto our physical hosts.  In part 2, we will cover unattended installations. Sometimes known as a scripted install, or a kickstart, this deployment method automates the install process, which in turn makes it easy to deploy multiple hosts quickly. Here’s a sample ks.cfg file that will automatically accept the EULA, install ESXi on the first hard disk, and overwrite any vmfs volume on that disk.  Then, sets up the mgmt ip statically to, and sets the root password to[…]

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SSH can’t be disabled on ESXi server

  This is something I have come across a couple of times, but yet couldn’t find a lot on it when I searched – so I thought I would add to the search results. Randomly, I will get an error when I go to stop the SSH service on an ESXi 5 server: “Call ‘HostServiceSystem.Stop’ for object “serviceSystem7117” on vCenter Server Servername failed” While the vSphere client shows that the service is stopped, the ESXi server still has an alert that SSH is enabled for the host. At this point,[…]

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