Switching to Linux?

I’ve been getting frustrated with Windows lately – like everyone has at some point or another.. So I decided I would attempt to run Linux on my laptop instead. (I’m dual-booting for now). I’ve dabbled with Ubuntu every year or so, but I still a linux beginner.  I don’t like the Unity interface of Ubuntu, but I found out that I can continue to use gnome, or more specifically gnome-shell. The install actually gave me a bit of trouble.  Ubuntu 11.10 would not install grub, and when it finally did,[…]

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Vmware View client for Android

New on the Android market today: VMware View – Tech Preview for Android. From the market: VMware View Client for Android makes it easy to access your Windows virtual desktop from your Android with the best possible user experience on the Local Area Network (LAN) or across a Wide Area Network (WAN). This client supports PCoIP only, and is fantastic! I had been using Wyse Pocket Cloud to access Vmware View via RDP, and the performance was fine – but using VMware’s PCoIP client is so much faster! Setup is[…]

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Vmware View and Right Shift

I’ve noticed on several occasions that the right shift key doesn’t seem to work in RDP sessions when I am using a VMware View desktop with PCoIP.  The first couple times, I thought I was just mistyping the password, but after checking in the username field, sure enough the right shift key was not recognized, and it was not making my letters uppercase.  Left shift worked just fine, but for some reason, I seem to favor the right shift key. The shift keys work fine within the PCoIP View Desktop[…]

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