Veeam Restore To Azure

Now that the Veeam Azure proxy is deployed, and we have some workloads protected, it’s time to test a restore. There are a couple ways to initiate a restore within the Veeam console, but all roads lead to the same powerful wizard.  I typically right click on the VM in Inventory, and select the Restore to Microsoft Azure Menu item. The Path to Azure Next, we will select the Azure Deployment Model to use. The default is the newer Azure Resource Manager. Continue on to choose the subscription you want to[…]

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Veeam Restore To Azure – Proxy Setup

There are many reasons to run virtual machines in the public cloud, and more and more companies are taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability that it offers.  So, in this small series, we are going to look at using Veeam to restore your Hyper-V or VMware virtual machine up into Azure. First things first, Veeam can restore any virtual machine that it backed up directly to Microsoft’s Azure by simply entering your Azure credentials, and selecting some options.  This may not be the prefered path, especially if you don’t have[…]

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VMware discontinues vSphere Data Protection

On April 5th, VMware announced that they would discontinue VDP, vSphere Data Protection – VMware’s integration backup solution.  Now, VMware will not have an integrated backup solution but instead will rely (as they should) on partner solutions that utilize official vSphere APIs. Several years ago, VMware had 2 versions of VDP – standard and Advanced, and both were based on EMC Avamar technology.  I’ve played around with it and had it deployed at a couple small customers.  However, the product was not the best in terms of recovering from[…]

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Veeam Cloud Connect – Service Provider Setup

  Veeam has always been a great product for backup and replication, and in the recent past, they had introduced Cloud Connect, as a way to have integrated offsite backups to a hosted provider.  What makes Cloud Connect really special, is that all communication to the cloud provider is over a single port.  No need for VPNs or advanced networking. There are many Cloud Connect providers as well, all competing for your business.  Some offer just basic storage offsite, while others offer redundant storage replicated to another geographic region. Also,[…]

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Veeam Architect – Repository Types

  In the previous Veeam Architect post, we talked about the different transport modes available to move our data from the production VMs, into the backup files, which will be stored in a backup repository that we define.  But, there are a couple different options for a backup repository in Veeam Backup and Replication, so which should you choose?  The one that best fulfills your requirements of course! A backup repository is simply a location where Veeam stores it’s backup files.  When choosing to add a backup repository in the Veeam[…]

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Veeam Architect – Proxy Transport Modes

  Veeam, the leader in virtualization backups, has a couple different ways of gathering your production data and transporting it to the Backup Repository.  In this post, we will look at all three methods, and show the data path for each, and see what some benefits of each mode are.  First, let’s take a look at how the backup process works. How Veeam backs up virtual machines: Veeam can backup both VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments.  For the sake of simplicity, we will only focus on a VMware environment for[…]

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Veeam SureBackup – Failed to create process with net logon

Recently, I was setting up a Veeam SureBackup job for a client and received an error when running the application group for the domain controllers, which will be the cornerstone of all the other SureBackup jobs. The job would run properly, spinning up the VM in a sandbox environment.  SureBackup would verify vmtools were running, that the VM was pingable, and then would start the application tests.  Since this was a domain controller, the tests are set to: DNS Server Domain Controller Global Catalog However, all three tests failed with[…]

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