HPE Discover 2018 Recap with Friends

I got to sit down with Matt Crape and Luigi Danakos on the last day of HPE Discover 2018 to recap the show and share our thoughts. Bure sure to Follow them on twitter and check out Luigi’s blog post. Matt: Twitter – @MattThatITguy Blog – http://42u.ca Luigi Danakos: Twitter – @nerdblurt Blog – http://blurt-this.com Mentioned post – http://blurt-this.com/how-hpe-is-star…  

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Veeam Architecture in a HPE Datacenter

While out at HPE’s Discover 2018, I wanted to talk about what Veeam architecture would look like in a HPE datacenter.  This architecture features 3PAR / Nimble arrays, which Veeam has deep integration with, as well as StoreOnce for archival storage.  For the primary backup repository, as well as the backup proxy, an Apollo 4000 series server is used.

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HPE Discover 2017 – Synergy & The Machine

This week I have been at HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas.  HPE released new details on their prototype memory-centric computing platform, The Machine.  The Machine is the world’s first computing system that allows any CPU to access any RAM, on any blade.  They do this using a Photonics network – a newly designed technology that converts the electrical signals directly to optical to create an ultra low latency network for the bus.  In the prototype, they have 160TB of RAM accessible to be able to manipulate some of the world’s[…]

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HPE Discover 2016 – Day 2

  On the second day of Discover 2016, I was able to walk the show floor, as well as attend some coffee talk sessions.  The major themes of the day were IOT, and the Intelligent Edge. Internet Of Things The Internet Of Things is nothing new.  We have had all sorts of connected devices available over the last several years.  However, 2016 has certainly shown the most rapid growth in IOT devices and purchases.  Everything from smart homes to shopping carts – internet connected smart devices are certainly here to stay[…]

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HPE Discover 2016 – Day 1

  Hewlett Packard Enterprise kicked off its Discover 2016 event this week in London.  I am grateful that I am able to attend as a guest of HPE as an independent blogger.  Here’s a recap of the first day’s events and announcements: What’s HPE’s Strategy and vision? Jason Newton, Vice President of Pan-HPE Marketing was able to present to the independent blogger panel and talk about HPE’s strategy and vision.  It is just a little over a year ago that HPE split from HP, and became an independent company.  Realizing[…]

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Composable Infrastructure and HPE’s Synergy

  Recently, HPE invited me out to California for HPE Tech Day, and also the Nth Symposium.  I had a great time, and was happy to see what HPE has been up to! During the Tech Day briefing, I was introduced to a term I hadn’t heard before – Composable Infrastructure. Let’s start with the definition: A composable infrastructure is a framework  whose physical compute, storage and network fabric resources are treated as services.  In a composable infrastructure, resources are logically pooled so that administrators don’t have to physically configure hardware to[…]

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