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vSphere 101 – Updating the vCSA (Virtual Center Server Appliance)

  This week on vSphere 101, I am going to walk through the process of updating your vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA). The vCSA is a linux based vCenter appliance, that doesn’t require a windows license, and has SSO and the databases all running within the same VM.  It is a great solution for labs, SMBs, etc.  Updating vCenter on Windows is straight forward, but how about the vCSA? First, login to the administrative page for the vCSA, which would be http://(vCSA_IP_here):5480 and login with your credentials. (default – root /[…]

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SSH can’t be disabled on ESXi server

  This is something I have come across a couple of times, but yet couldn’t find a lot on it when I searched – so I thought I would add to the search results. Randomly, I will get an error when I go to stop the SSH service on an ESXi 5 server: “Call ‘HostServiceSystem.Stop’ for object “serviceSystem7117” on vCenter Server Servername failed” While the vSphere client shows that the service is stopped, the ESXi server still has an alert that SSH is enabled for the host. At this point,[…]

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HP P2000 G3 and VAAI with vSphere 5.0 and 5.1

  HP’s P200 has been around a little while, and has had a bit of improvements done with firmware updates.  While adding VAAI support to a P2000 is a little older news, I thought I would still write about it since I recently upgraded one and want to point out the differences for ESXi 5.0 and 5.1 For the P2000 G3 to support VAAI, we need to update the firmware to at least version TS230P008.  The latest version can be found here (TS240P004). Upgrading the firmware is a very easy[…]

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Windows 8 and vSphere client

So, you’ve upgraded to Windows 8, and are wanting to connect to your VM console via vSphere. Uh Oh! A wild error message appears! “The VMRC console has disconnected…attempting to reconnect” What’s happening? Well, the short story is that when connecting to the console, the vSphere client uses an Internet Explorer plugin, which is not compatible with IE 10 (which Windows 8 comes with). Unfortunately, there is no way to view the console at this point with vSphere. The Good News: vSphere 5.1 fixes this issue.  Using the vSphere 5.1[…]

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Passed VCP510 Exam

This morning I took the VCP510 exam and passed! This was a little tougher than the VCP4 exam.  85 questions, and it took me an hour.  Lots of good questions.  This is one thing that I have liked about VMware, is that they make it near impossible to pass these without hands-on experience (either production, or a lab). Good luck if you are going to take it soon – remember, you have until the end of February to pass otherwise you will have to take the “What’s New” course.

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vSphere VSA Raid requirements relaxed!

Today VMware announced on it’s blog that the RAID 1o requirements will be dropped, and that VMware will be supporting RAID 5 and RAID 6 as well. See the blog here, and see the updated documentation here. So, this means that you will be able to use more of your local storage! Before, with RAID 10 and the VSA mirroring the 2 ESXi server’s local storage, it meant that you could only use 25% of your actual storage. See my previous posts on the vSphere 5 VSA – Virtual San[…]

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Creating a Nested ESXi 5 Environment

**UPDATED for ESXi 5.1 HERE** Since vSphere 5 was released earlier this year, it is now time to get ready to pass the VCP exam.  I am a VCP for both 3.5 and 4, and decided I would post some updates along the way as I study before taking the VCP 5 exam. The first thing I did was create a lab environment. I currently use 2 whitebox ESXi 5 servers, attached to iSCSI storage. However, since I am studying VMware products, I don’t want to configure, and reconfigure these[…]

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