Enable Remote Desktop via Powershell Remotely

  Many times throughout my projects, I find it necessary to enable remote desktop on machines that I do not have console access to – usually because I myself am working remotely on the customer. While there has always been the method of editing the registry remotely to enable Remote Desktop, this method requires the server to be rebooted. So, what’s the method to avoid server downtime? The answer is powershell. (Get–WmiObject Win32_TerminalServiceSetting -Computername ServerNameHere –Namespace root\cimv2\TerminalServices).SetAllowTsConnections(1,1) | Out–Null (Get–WmiObject –Class “Win32_TSGeneralSetting” -Computername ServerNameHere –Namespace root\cimv2\TerminalServices –Filter “TerminalName=’RDP-tcp’”).SetUserAuthenticationRequired(0) | Out–Null This will immediately[…]

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Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement

Most people have realized by this point that Windows 8 lacks a traditional start menu.  The reaction to the new start screen has been very mixed, and I find myself of the “what in the world were they thinking?!?!” side.  However, there is hope! I’ve tried a couple different start menu replacements during the beta of windows 8, but in my opinion, only one lives up to daily use. ClassicShell First, lets take a look at Windows 8 Start screen as default: While it is quite attractive, and very easy[…]

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Windows 8 Pro/Ent Won’t activate (MAK key)

Recently, I have been playing around with Windows 8.  And, since it went RTM on Aug 1st, I figured I would install it fresh.  I downloaded Windows 8 Pro from my subscription, and made sure to copy down my license key. The install went quick and painless, and I decided to sign in with a windows live account to test the functionality of that vs a local account.  When I went to change my account picture,  I received a message that I can’t customize my account until windows is activated. OK[…]

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