Veeam Architect – Repository Types

  In the previous Veeam Architect post, we talked about the different transport modes available to move our data from the production VMs, into the backup files, which will be stored in a backup repository that we define.  But, there are a couple different options for a backup repository in Veeam Backup and Replication, so which should you choose?  The one that best fulfills your requirements of course! A backup repository is simply a location where Veeam stores it’s backup files.  When choosing to add a backup repository in the Veeam[…]

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Why VSAN All-Flash is the right choice

  VMware’s HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) solution is VSAN – or Virtual SAN.  It’s a kernel based solution built right into the ESXi Hypervisor, that allows each server to consume local storage, and pool it together and share it back out to the VMware cluster.  A minimum of 2 hosts is required (plus another witness appliance) or simply 3 or more hosts to maintain quorum.  4 hosts are typically recommended, in order to maintain availability when 1 host is in maintenance mode or offline. Local disks in each host are combined into[…]

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Veeam and DataDomain using DD Boost

  In a previous article, I talked about how to setup Veeam to use a linux proxy, to transfer data via NFS to an EMC DataDomain to increase thoughput. Results may vary, but I would see an increase of 50% or more. Well, now there is no need, assuming you are licensed on your Data Domain for DD Boost. What is DD Boost? From : EMC Data Domain Boost distributes parts of the deduplication process to the backup server or application clients, enabling client-side deduplication for faster, more efficient[…]

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Veeam and Server 2012 DeDuplication

  With a wide range of deduplication appliances out there for a backup target, one option is simply server 2012.  Server 2012 has a deduplication feature now, that is set per volume, and can offer great results when used as a backup repository for Veeam. See Justin’s Post for setting up dedupe on Server 2012. Veeam has excellent per job inline deduplication, which ensures that each backup file is not storing redundant data.  By using that in conjunction with Server 2012 per volume deduplication, we can achieve up around 70%[…]

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