VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.1 Perform Advanced ESXi Host Configuration – Part 1

To kick off the series on the blueprint for the VCAP-DCV exam, I thought I would start at the beginning.  I will split objective 1.1 into 3 parts: Objective 1.1 – Perform advanced ESXi Host Configuration Skills and Abilities (Part 1) Configure and Manage Auto Deploy configurations Determine use case for Stateless vs Stateful installs Create / Modify rules and rule sets Create and associate Host Profiles for an Auto Deploy reference host (Part 2) Configure Kernel Boot Parameters for scripted install according to a deployment plan: Modify scripted weasel install[…]

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VCAP-DCV Deploy – Study Guide Series

Since I hold a VCAP-DCD for 5.5, and want to upgrade to the VCIX-DCV 6, I have to study and take the VCAP-DCV Deploy test.  Thankfully, VMware has made the process easy – I don’t have to upgrade the VCAP-DCD first to 6.0, as it will count towards my VCIX! So, in order to assist me in studying, I decided to start a study guide series, following the objectives on the test’s blueprint (beta as of now). Here is the current blueprint (as of feb 2016) Section 1 – Create[…]

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VMworld 2015 – VCDX Unwrapped #SDDC5027

I attended the session VCDX Unwrapped at VMworld in San Francisco this year.  This was a panel discussion type session, which are always laid back, and provide abundant time for questions. Moderator: Aiden Dalgleish #010 Panelists: Matt Vandenbeld #107 Simon Long #105 Duncan Epping #007 Jason Nash #049 Aiden started off by asking the panelists what are some of the qualities of a VCDX?  While the answers were all short, they were all in agreement: Confidence (in your design, and yourself), and be a continuous learner.  The comment was made[…]

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vExpert 2013 awarded

  Last night, John Troyer (@jtroyer) announced the new list of vExperts for 2013 here. I am ecstatic and humbled to be selected to be a member of this great group for the first time! The VMware community has been a wonderful community to be involved in, and I don’t know of any other place where people are so willing to ask and offer advice and answers  for problems and questions that others have. I am honored to have been selected, and hope that I can give that much more[…]

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Training Resources – TrainSignal

  *Disclaimer: While TrainSignal is sponsoring  my blog, the views expressed in this post are my own. Recently, TrainSignal revamped their website, and delivery method of training classes.  Previously, training was available by ordering a specific class, and receiving some DVDs – either physically, or as a download. They have stepped up the game, and its a good move! Now, they are offering access to ALL of their courses for a monthly fee, which is all delivered via streaming video on the site.  There is also an offline player available.[…]

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Passed VCP510 Exam

This morning I took the VCP510 exam and passed! This was a little tougher than the VCP4 exam.  85 questions, and it took me an hour.  Lots of good questions.  This is one thing that I have liked about VMware, is that they make it near impossible to pass these without hands-on experience (either production, or a lab). Good luck if you are going to take it soon – remember, you have until the end of February to pass otherwise you will have to take the “What’s New” course.

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Creating a Nested ESXi 5 Environment

**UPDATED for ESXi 5.1 HERE** Since vSphere 5 was released earlier this year, it is now time to get ready to pass the VCP exam.  I am a VCP for both 3.5 and 4, and decided I would post some updates along the way as I study before taking the VCP 5 exam. The first thing I did was create a lab environment. I currently use 2 whitebox ESXi 5 servers, attached to iSCSI storage. However, since I am studying VMware products, I don’t want to configure, and reconfigure these[…]

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