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Zerto: Moving a VM between VPGs

  Having worked with Zerto for a while now, I have come to love VPGs (Virtual Protection Groups).  However, sometimes the need arises to move a VM out of a VPG, and into it’s own, or into another VPG. Right now, there is no “click to move” a VM between the VPGs, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible to do without forcing re-sync of all that data.  It’s quite simple actually. Scenario: Two VMs are in separate VPGs, and because of their application dependency on each other, it[…]

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Running Nested ESXi 5.5 on VSAN

  With vSphere 5.5 now out, it was time to refresh my lab.  I have ESXi 5.5 installed on a DL160 G6, with 1 SSD and 3 SATA drives, so I decided to make a single node VSAN instance. (3 nodes is a minimum for a supported configuration). The plan was to spin up some nested ESXi instances, like my usual lab setups, but I ran into a problem.  I could not get ESXi 5.5 to install – it kept failing.  Here is what I was receiving: This program has[…]

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vSphere 5.1 Lab – Nested ESXi 5.1

Now that I’ve got some shared storage setup for the lab environment, it’s time to get some ESXi 5.1 hosts.  Since this is a lab environment, I want to run some nested ESXi 5.1 hosts. Running nested means installing a hypervisor inside of another hypervisor.  This could be XenServer, Hyper-V, or ESXi.  Obviously, I recommend the later!  You can install and run VMs on top of the nested ESXI install, and they can be 64bit, but that depends on the CPU. I had already blogged about running a nested setup previously, however, there[…]

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Creating a Nested ESXi 5 Environment

**UPDATED for ESXi 5.1 HERE** Since vSphere 5 was released earlier this year, it is now time to get ready to pass the VCP exam.  I am a VCP for both 3.5 and 4, and decided I would post some updates along the way as I study before taking the VCP 5 exam. The first thing I did was create a lab environment. I currently use 2 whitebox ESXi 5 servers, attached to iSCSI storage. However, since I am studying VMware products, I don’t want to configure, and reconfigure these[…]

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vSphere 5 VSA – Virtual San Appliance – Part 1

With the release of vSphere 5, comes VMware’s VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance). What exactly is it?  Well, it’s VMware’s answer of providing shared storage to SMBs that don’t purchase a physical SAN or NAS.  It will use the local storage in each ESX box, and present it to the VSA VM, and that in turn will present it back to the ESX servers as shared storage.  Each ESX server will have a VSA VM running, and each will contain a replica of the other’s storage. In order to be supported,[…]

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vSphere 5 vRAM Changes

  Thanks to the numerous traffic about vSphere 5’s vRAM “tax” – VMware has changed the entitlements. (Take a look at Justin’s post here explaining vRAM “tax” and how it works.) Basically, VMware has made 3 changes: Increased vRAM entitlements for all vSphere editions. Capped the amount of vRAM counted in any given VM More flexible in calculating and reporting hitting the limit The fist one being the most important – and it was quite an increase for Enterprise and Enterprise+ and the Free hypervisor.  Here is VMware’s chart: vSphere[…]

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Vmware View and Right Shift

I’ve noticed on several occasions that the right shift key doesn’t seem to work in RDP sessions when I am using a VMware View desktop with PCoIP.  The first couple times, I thought I was just mistyping the password, but after checking in the username field, sure enough the right shift key was not recognized, and it was not making my letters uppercase.  Left shift worked just fine, but for some reason, I seem to favor the right shift key. The shift keys work fine within the PCoIP View Desktop[…]

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