Zerto: Moving a VM between VPGs

  Having worked with Zerto for a while now, I have come to love VPGs (Virtual Protection Groups).  However, sometimes the need arises to move a VM out of a VPG, and into it's own, or into another VPG. Right…


vSphere 5 vRAM Changes

  Thanks to the numerous traffic about vSphere 5's vRAM "tax" - VMware has changed the entitlements. (Take a look at Justin's post here explaining vRAM "tax" and how it works.) Basically, VMware has made 3 changes: Increased vRAM entitlements…


Vmware View and Right Shift

I've noticed on several occasions that the right shift key doesn't seem to work in RDP sessions when I am using a VMware View desktop with PCoIP.  The first couple times, I thought I was just mistyping the password, but…

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