Veeam and DataDomain

I’ve done a fair amount of installs of this combination, Veeam and EMC’s DataDomain deduplication device.  The solution is a wonderful combination – but the number 1 complaint is that it is slow……..slower than it should be. Why is it slow?  Well, the short answer is because of the CIFs implementation on the Data Domain.  From testing, transferring data via CIFS is about 45% slower than transferring files using NFS. Since windows and Veeam don’t natively support NFS, the solution is to deploy a linux proxy server to act as[…]

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vSphere 5.1 Lab – Installing the vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA)

  Now that we’ve got some VSA’s sharing storage, and some nested ESXi hosts, it’s time to get vCenter up and running. VMware has a vCenter appliance, which scales quite nicely. One benefit of the vCSA is that it doesn’t require a Windows license – otherwise, the benefits for most running this or the Windows service are negligible. Step 1: Download the vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) This download is located within your “my VMware” under downloads, and vSphere.  ( a trial can be downloaded here) Extract the .zip file, and[…]

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Switching to Linux?

I’ve been getting frustrated with Windows lately – like everyone has at some point or another.. So I decided I would attempt to run Linux on my laptop instead. (I’m dual-booting for now). I’ve dabbled with Ubuntu every year or so, but I still a linux beginner.  I don’t like the Unity interface of Ubuntu, but I found out that I can continue to use gnome, or more specifically gnome-shell. The install actually gave me a bit of trouble.  Ubuntu 11.10 would not install grub, and when it finally did,[…]

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