v101tv – Initial ESXi Configuration


  Now that ESXi is installed on our server, let’s log into each of the vSphere clients – C# client, and the embedded HTML5 host client, to view the configuration options for our server.    

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v101tv – Intro to virtualization and ESXi install


  Here’s the very first video of the new v101.tv – a channel dedicated to sharing the knowledge of anything related to virtualization. You’ll find podcasts, installation and configuration walk-throughs, and whiteboard sessions.  Stay tuned for the next videos!      

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VMworld 2016 – Coming soon


It’s that time of year again – time to get excited about heading to VMworld 2016! VMworld is the premier virtualization conference in the world, debuting  VMware’s products, vision, ecosystem partners, and community all in one place.  The event lasts 5 days, and could certainly fill more. Location: VMworld has been in San Francisco for […]

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Veeam SureBackup – Failed to create process with net logon


Recently, I was setting up a Veeam SureBackup job for a client and received an error when running the application group for the domain controllers, which will be the cornerstone of all the other SureBackup jobs. The job would run properly, spinning up the VM in a sandbox environment.  SureBackup would verify vmtools were running, […]

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VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.2 Configure Identity Sources for Single Sign-On


Now that a Platform Services Controller installed, and vCenter Server installed; it’s time to configure single sign-on sources for our SSO domain. SSO, or Single Sign On, was introduced in vSphere 5.1 and provides a more secure way of authenticating into the vSphere environment. SSO is now connected to multiple authentication domains, like active directory, […]

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Top vBlog 2016 Results – I’m in top 100!


Yesterday Eric Seibert, Eric Wright, and John Troyer announced live the top 25 vBlog results for 2016.  If you missed it, you can watch the recording here and see the post here. Obviously, I am not in the top 25 – but I hope to be able to produce that amount of useful content in […]

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VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.2 Deploy vCenter Server


Now that the Platform Services Controller (PSC) is installed, it’s time to install the vCenter server.  For the lab, we will be installing vCenter 6 onto Windows 2012 R2. After mounting the ISO image, autorun will give us the option to install vCenter.  Choose vCenter Server from the External Deployment section. Configure the name of […]

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