vExpert 2013 awarded


Last night, John Troyer (@jtroyer) announced the new list of vExperts for 2013 here.

I am ecstatic and humbled to be selected to be a member of this great group for the first time!

The VMware community has been a wonderful community to be involved in, and I don’t know of any other place where people are so willing to ask and offer advice and answers¬† for problems and questions that others have.

I am honored to have been selected, and hope that I can give that much more to the community this coming year!

A Special thanks to John Troyer, who took time out of his busy schedule last year to talk to me and show me around the VMware campus in Palo Alto.¬† It was his kindness and willingness to dedicate time to someone he didn’t know that really ignited a passion for the VMware community in me.

Also, thanks to Justin (@recklessop), who convinced me to start this blog!

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