Veeam Replication – VM Failover

Part 1 here: Veeam Replication – Installation Part 2 here: Veeam Replication – Configuration Part 3 here: Veeam Replication – VM Replication The last part of the Veeam portion of the Replication Roundup, is VM Failover.  While Veeam has failover plans, and has some powerful advanced settings, for the series, replication and failover will be […]

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Docker – Tech Field Day Extra @ VMworld 2016

  While attending VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas this year, I was invited to sit on the Tech Field Day panel for Monday.  One of the companies presenting was Docker. Mike Coleman from Docker presented to the panel and did a great job.  While I am familiar with containers conceptually, I have not yet implemented them in […]

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VMworld Day 1

After Partner Exchange, VMworld officially kicked off Sunday night, with a welcome reception in the Solutions Exchange.  The welcome reception is a great time to get a layout of the solutions exchange, and to start talking with some of the vendors at VMworld.  Accompanied by drinks and hor devours,  VMware makes it’s customers feel at […]

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VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.2 Configure Identity Sources for Single Sign-On

Now that a Platform Services Controller installed, and vCenter Server installed; it’s time to configure single sign-on sources for our SSO domain. SSO, or Single Sign On, was introduced in vSphere 5.1 and provides a more secure way of authenticating into the vSphere environment. SSO is now connected to multiple authentication domains, like active directory, […]

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VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.2 Deploy vCenter Server

Now that the Platform Services Controller (PSC) is installed, it’s time to install the vCenter server.  For the lab, we will be installing vCenter 6 onto Windows 2012 R2. After mounting the ISO image, autorun will give us the option to install vCenter.  Choose vCenter Server from the External Deployment section. Configure the name of […]

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VCAP-DCV Deploy – Objective 1.2 Deploy and Configure a Platform Services Controller

Objective 1.2 deals with the managing infrastructure.  In this blog, I will cover the installation of a Platform Services Controller on a dedicated server, instead of the simple install option, where the PSC is deployed with vCenter on the same server. What is a Platform Services Controller? “Platform Services Controller (PSC) is a component of […]

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VCSA won’t boot – fsck failed

Today I logged into my lab after a power outage and noticed that vCenter was not up.  I accessed to host directly, and opened to console to the VCSA server.  The VCSA server was not able to mount the filesystem, and had this on the screen: fsck failed.  Please repair manually and reboot.  The root […]

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