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VM’s NIC shows as a removable device

It was pointed out to me by a co-worker that the NIC in a VMware virtual machine shows up as a removable device in the system tray.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually can be.  If you choose to ‘eject’ the nic, not only does it disappear from windows; but it will also no longer be in the hardware list of the VM’s settings.  A new nic would have to be added, and then windows would see a new mac address, and it’s static IP[…]

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Video drivers for a 2008 R2 VM

This week I was installing a 2008 R2 VM again on ESX4.x.  I noticed that the Video driver was the windows based driver, and not a VMware SVGA II driver like I am used to seeing.           …………………. What I did was manually install the driver from c:\program files\common files\vmware\drivers\video\, and then after the reboot, it would show like the picture on the right, with the VMware SVGA II driver.  After doing some digging, I found out this was not supported, at least not in 2008[…]

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