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Time to bring back the middleman

  Who is the middle man?  In a lot of circles, the middle man is someone that is a threat.  The man in the middle attacker, the one who takes your data in transit and uses it for nefarious purposes. In other circles, he’s seen as the useless figure in a transaction.  Someone who is preventing you from getting what you want directly from the source, instead forcing you to deal with the terms and conditions they set.  Sometimes the middle man is no person, but is software – like[…]

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EVO:RAIL – Installation

  Here at VMworld 2014, one of the hands on labs was the new EVO:Rail.  The lab walks through the process of the installation and then creating some VMs and managing them.  Installation Overview: Connect to the IP of the EVO:Rail cluster to start the installation process. Choose to customize the installation to assign IP addresses and passwords. Assign hostnames: Host prefix Separator Iterator TLD These settings will build the fqdn of each host – in the example we will receive 4 hosts named: host01.localdomain.local host02.localdomain.local host03.localdomain.local host04.localdomain.local Configure the[…]

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VMware’s new product: EVO:RAIL

  At VMworld this morning, VMware announced it’s latest product, EVO:RAIL. So just what is EVO:RAIL? EVO:RAIL is a hyper-converged solution for business of many sizes.  Partnering with multiple hardware vendors, and utilizing vSphere with VSAN, VMware is able to provide a single product for your datacenter. With 4 nodes, the EVO:RAIL appliance comes pre-loaded, and you can have VMs spun up in minutes from powering on.  These 4 nodes will meet the following minimum specs: 2 x 6 Core Processors 192GB RAM 3 x 1.2 TB SAS HDDs 1[…]

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