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vSphere 5 VSA – Virtual San Appliance – Part 3

Management and Maintenance As if getting the VSA installed wasn’t easy enough, VMware has made the VSA virtually (no pun intended) management free. With your Datacenter selected, simply click back on the VSA Manager tab, and you will be presented with the page below: In the top window, is the VSA Cluster settings.  All self […]

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vSphere 5 VSA – Virtual San Appliance – Part 2

Installation and Configuration Now it’s time to install the VSA.  Remember, we need 2 (or 3) fresh ESXi 5.0 installs, joined to our vCenter server. Now, for the easy part… (it’s actually all easy) Installation: Run the VSA setup from the CD on your vSphere server. Click next and “I accept” through the first screen […]

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vSphere 5 VSA – Virtual San Appliance – Part 1

With the release of vSphere 5, comes VMware’s VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance). What exactly is it?  Well, it’s VMware’s answer of providing shared storage to SMBs that don’t purchase a physical SAN or NAS.  It will use the local storage in each ESX box, and present it to the VSA VM, and that in turn […]

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vSphere 5 vRAM Changes

  Thanks to the numerous traffic about vSphere 5’s vRAM “tax” – VMware has changed the entitlements. (Take a look at Justin’s post here explaining vRAM “tax” and how it works.) Basically, VMware has made 3 changes: Increased vRAM entitlements for all vSphere editions. Capped the amount of vRAM counted in any given VM More […]

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