Veeam v7 Features Announcement


Today, Veeam released all of it’s product enhancements for version 7, which will be released later this summer.  I am excited to implement some of these new features for my clients!  Here’s the list:

  • vCloud Director Support
    Using the vCD API, Veeam will display the vCD infrastructure directly in Veeam Backup & Replication™, backup all vApp metadata and attributes, restore vApps and VMs directly to vCD, and support restore of fast-provisioned VMs.
  • vSphere Web Client
    Monitor backups and backup infrastructure directly from vSphere, identify unprotected VMs, and simplify capacity planning.
  • Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Sharepoint
    Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint provides instant visibility into SharePoint backups, advanced search capabilities, and quick recovery of individual SharePoint items.
  • Virtual Lab for Hyper-V
    Virtual Lab plus vPower delivers agent-free recovery of individual objects from any virtualized application, automatic verification of every backup, and easy setup of isolated environments for testing, training and troubleshooting.
  • Native Tape Support
    Archive to Tape provides another option for archiving Veeam backups – disk, cloud and tape. It supports virtual tape libraries (VTLs), tape libraries and standalone drives. And, it’s fully integrated into Veeam Backup & Replication and tracks VMs and restore points across tapes, making restores simple.
  • Enhanced 1-Click Restore
    Enhancements enable fast and easy VM restores, and new delegation options let administrators safely empower business owners for recovery of their own files and VMs.
  • Virtual Lab for Replicas
    SureReplica lets you automatically verify every restore point in every replica, and Virtual Lab for Replicas also delivers fastest agent-free recovery of application objects (U-AIR) and On-Demand Sandboxes for testing, training and troubleshooting.
  • Backup from Storage Snapshots
    Make backups and replicas as often as every 5 minutes – even during business hours – with no impact on the production environment and running VMs.
  • Built-in WAN Acceleration
    Remove the hurdles to offsite storage with automated, agent-free backup copy jobs and built-in WAN acceleration.


 What am I really excited about?

  • Tape Support – This is going to be a great addition for those who still want to use their tape infrastructure for off-site backup storage.  Veeam will support any tape drive that Windows supports.  Allowing you to take copies of your backups offsite, without having to mess with USB media mounting issues, or expensive offsite storage with bandwidth that isn’t available to you.
  • Wan Acceleration – Adding another role to the mix, the WAN acceleration will be a welcomed addition to many customers, especially those utilizing multiple sites, or an additional hosted environment.  With the native de-dupe in Veeam, and the WAN acceleration, your backups will be offsite in no-time.
  • Backup from Storage Snapshots – I am really exciting about this having a number of clients using HP SAN storage. Now, instead of relying on just VMware snapshots, Veeam will snap the guest in VMware, then on the SAN, then immediately release the VMware snapshot, and backup directly from the SAN. What does this mean? Well, now your I/O intensive apps (exchange, etc) no longer have a large VMware snapshot to commit after the backup is complete.  As soon as the SAN snapshot is made, Veeam will commit the VMware snapshot, which is going to be tiny.




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