Windows 8

Windows 8 and vSphere client

So, you’ve upgraded to Windows 8, and are wanting to connect to your VM console via vSphere. Uh Oh! A wild error message appears! “The VMRC console has disconnected…attempting to reconnect” What’s happening? Well, the short story is that when connecting to the console, the vSphere client uses an Internet Explorer plugin, which is not compatible with IE 10 (which Windows 8 comes with). Unfortunately, there is no way to view the console at this point with vSphere. The Good News: vSphere 5.1 fixes this issue.  Using the vSphere 5.1[…]

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Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement

Most people have realized by this point that Windows 8 lacks a traditional start menu.  The reaction to the new start screen has been very mixed, and I find myself of the “what in the world were they thinking?!?!” side.  However, there is hope! I’ve tried a couple different start menu replacements during the beta of windows 8, but in my opinion, only one lives up to daily use. ClassicShell First, lets take a look at Windows 8 Start screen as default: While it is quite attractive, and very easy[…]

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