Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement

Most people have realized by this point that Windows 8 lacks a traditional start menu.  The reaction to the new start screen has been very mixed, and I find myself of the “what in the world were they thinking?!?!” side.  However, there is hope! I’ve tried a couple different start menu replacements during the beta of windows 8, but in my opinion, only one lives up to daily use. ClassicShell First, lets take a look at Windows 8 Start screen as default: While it is quite attractive, and very easy[…]

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Switching to Linux?

I’ve been getting frustrated with Windows lately – like everyone has at some point or another.. So I decided I would attempt to run Linux on my laptop instead. (I’m dual-booting for now). I’ve dabbled with Ubuntu every year or so, but I still a linux beginner.  I don’t like the Unity interface of Ubuntu, but I found out that I can continue to use gnome, or more specifically gnome-shell. The install actually gave me a bit of trouble.  Ubuntu 11.10 would not install grub, and when it finally did,[…]

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