VMworld 2015 – Day 1 Keynote

While VMworld kicked off Sunday with the Welcome reception, and even some sessions, Monday is the first full day.

The day started off with the General Session / Keynote, with multiple speakers, including:

  • Carl Eschenbach (VMware President)
  • Bill
  • Raghu Raghuram
  • Yanbing Li
  • Ray O’Ferrel
  • Kit Colbert

Carl Eschenbach started with some stats about this years VMworld – specifically that this year there were more than 23,000 attendees.

He continued on with this years theme : Ready for Any. Specifically One Cloud. Any Application. Any Device.  And this theme carries throughout all of this years announcements.

Most of the key note was rather uneventful except for 2 portions – the Software Defined Data Center, and Containers.

Yanbing Li took stage and talked about VMware and the SDDC (Software Defined Data Center).  VMware’s SDDC is built from:

  • vRealize Suite for management
  • vSphere 6
  • NSX 6.2 for Software Defined Networking
  • VSAN 6.1 for Software Defined Storage

Which brings us to the announcement about EVO:RACK, which is now officially EVO:SDDC.  EVO:SDDC is THE software defined datacenter. Scalability, Security, and simplicity is it’s main features.  Probably the highlight, was when they had the demo for Cross-Cloud vMotion.  Yanbing Li showed us how VMware allows VMs to be migrated from an on-premises location to vCloud Air via vMotion right from the vSphere Web Client!

Kit Colbert finished up talking about containers and the future of VMware integration with them.  While I”m not a Dev Ops guy, it will be something I will need to be familiar with – especially with VMware’s Photon.  Kit showed us how VMware is now (soon) capable of not just running VMs with containers running inside (as any hypervisor could), but that VMware allows for full visibility – down to each container.  With VMware’s Photon, vSphere administrators and developers can easily deploy, and manage their apps.

You can watch the whole keynote on youtube.



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