VMworld – What to know before you go


With VMworld comming up very quickly, I thought I would create a quick post about some things to know before you go.

Items to remember:

  • Clothing
    • Jacket – S.F. can get chilly in the evenings.  Don’t forget to pack something to keep warm.
    • Shoes – Make sure they aren’t brand new – break those puppies in!  You will be doing a LOT of walking.
  • Tech
    • Battery Pack – Your phone will drain quick – especially if you are trying to keep up with the twitter feed #vmworld!
    • Charger – Same as above!
    • Laptop / Tablet – Helpful if you are going to do the BYOD Hands-on-Labs
  • Misc
    • Business Cards – Seems old school, but sometimes its the easiest.  Put your Twitter handle on there, so others can add you later when they have more time
    • Luggage space – Never under estimate the volume of SWAG.  If you are going to gather it – don’t forget you have to take it home!

So, you’ve got all you need and are ready to go.  Here are some tips for when you are there.

    • Don’t do the Hands-on-Labs. Seriously!  They are available online, so take them when you get home and have time.  Use this time at VMworld to attend all the sessions you can.
    • Meet People! Even if you aren’t comfortable doing it, introduce yourself and make some friends.  Meet people in person that you follow on Twitter.  We are all nice people and don’t bite.
    • See some sites! San Francisco is a beautiful city.  Use some free time to explore.  I recommend China Town and Fisherman’s warf. China Town is within walking distance for most hotels, and Fisherman’s Warf is a fun Cable Car ride away.
    • Take BART from the airport. Taxi’s are expensive.  Avoid them if you can.  You won’t want a rental car in this city.  BART will take you from the airport to walking distance to most hotels.

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