HPE Discover 2017 – Synergy & The Machine

This week I have been at HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas.  HPE released new details on their prototype memory-centric computing platform, The Machine.  The Machine is the world’s first computing system that allows any CPU to access any RAM, on any blade.  They do this using a Photonics network – a newly designed technology that converts the electrical signals directly to optical to create an ultra low latency network for the bus.  In the prototype, they have 160TB of RAM accessible to be able to manipulate some of the world’s biggest data loads.

I also took a look at Synergy, HPE’s composable infrastructure platform.  Synergy may look similar to other blade systems but allows for disk to be a flexible consumable resource as well as compute and network.  Synergy can help admins to spin up and down physical workloads, containers, virtual environments, and more.

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