vSphere 6.0 Replication – Installation

  The first product in our Replication Roundup is vSphere Replication.  vSphere Replication is VMware’s product for VM based replication, and is included in licensing Essentials Plus and up. The Lab Setup: For our lab, we have 2 vCenter 6.0 servers, and 2 ESXi 6.0 servers, 1 for each site.  Each ESXi host is added […]

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Replication Roundup – Kickoff

  Since replication is a staple to any DR scenario, I wanted to cover various replication products installation, and failover procedures. This blog series is intended to inform about the features and procedures of each product, and while some comparisons will be made, it is not intended to say one product is better than any […]

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Data Domain Replication issues

  Recently, I had a pair of Data Domains that were having replication issues.  After the offsite was seeded, and taken to it’s location – we noticed that the pre-comp remaining value would get down to 150 GiB or so, and then would jump back up to it’s original number of about 2,300GiB. What was […]

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Estimating bandwidth requirements for Zerto Replication

  One thing that I run across quite a bit is customers that want to implement Zerto for their replication needs, but are unsure of what the bandwidth requirements would be for their organization.  Luckily, Zerto provides a WAN sizing tool just for that. First thing, we want to make sure we are collecting the […]

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Zerto: Moving a VM between VPGs

  Having worked with Zerto for a while now, I have come to love VPGs (Virtual Protection Groups).  However, sometimes the need arises to move a VM out of a VPG, and into it’s own, or into another VPG. Right now, there is no “click to move” a VM between the VPGs, but that doesn’t […]

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